Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pre-ordered games

All the games that i am going to talk about are from the list of games i am looking forward to in 2013. I have pre-ordered Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, Ni No Kuni : Warath of the white Witch and Dead Space 3. I'm really looking forward to get each of them , Metal Gear is releasing on the 21.02.13 , Ni No Kuni on the 22.01.13 and Dead Space 3 on the 7.02.1.

I pre-ordered Metal Gear because of Platinum Games without a doubt , I never cared about the story of Metal gear and i still don’t, even  though i am playing their new game. The game play just looks on the point again, but  i am used to it from platinum games. The graphics are not even close to amazing and the background often is grey on grey but that doesn't really matter if the fights and the game are fun.
So i am always kind of annoyed when people say games are good because of the graphic. On the other hand  i am doing exactly the same and it adds to the atmosphere,  if the atmosphere in a game is right and you like it, the chance you get back to playing it is bigger. I guess graphic is important but in this case you get your pleasure out of other things. I expected non-stop action, millions of rockets and explosions. Until the release of Metal Gear i started playing Vanquish on Elle's account to get into the action again and when i think about it Metal Gear will have the combo gameplay of Bayonetta and the location PLS action to be more like Vanquish, i can't wait until i finally get it. 

After everything  i  have seen and heard about Ni No Kuni i just had to get it. I love it even more because i love the Studio Ghibli films and them working on the game too is just amazing, it will be one of the best jrpg's that i heard about  in the last few years. The past years the rpg's of western developers have got much more attention,  Especially Skyrim and Fallout they  were huge successes  its about time in my opinion to show that a good jrpg is something special and can't be reached by the western ones. They just work on different things and get more feeling in the story and the fighting system. So does Ni No Kuni, the characters look amazing and the fighting system looks fun ( the wold is nice and i can't wait to explore it myself). I downloaded the demo before but i decided not to play it , i wanna discover the whole of Ni No Kuni myself when i start playing it. Glad I don't have to wait long anymore.

The last game pre-ordered is Dead Space 3, i guess everybody is looking forward to it. I don't wanna spoil any plot lines so i will just mention my expectations. After this i think it will once again be more action and less scariness  then the first game of the series and even more then part 2. On the other side and also adding to the action feeling, is the upcoming coop function. Still i like the idea and i already (as mentioned a few blogs before) convinced Elle to play Dead Space 3 with me. Another feature that should help the action in the title is the customization ability you got with the weapons. The new planet makes sense and works fine with the  earlier adventures Isaac Clarke had to go through. Surprisingly i am not to hyped about it so my hopes aren't high and i am just happy to get back in the world of Dead Space. 

Thanks for reading, Once i have played the games i will let you all know what i think of them!

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