Thursday, 7 February 2013

Assassins Creed reviewed

Since I picked up the platinum version of the first Assassin's creed game for the xbox I  am a huge fan of the series and pre-ordered each following game in a collectors edition. I always tried to unlock everything there is to unlock and spend a long time adventuring and exploring the Cities and environments given.

My favourite game of the series so far has to be Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. It's the sequel to Assassin's creed 2. Different to the ac games before they added a online multi-player and a lot of environment changing mechanics to the story mode. The online multi-player works really well and is a lot of fun. You get perks, gadgets and abilities to form your character individual so you can never say what the other players are using exactly. For the basics you just have a target given and depending on how good you are doing you are a target by yourself to up to three other players, the better you are the more are hunting you. The changes in story mode are slightly but make the battle of Rome more intense, they introduced enemy towers yo need to capture before you can use shops and special places. You can run errands for shops and there are throw back missions to the past of Ezio in the time ac2 played it, Ezio meets up with Leonardo Da Vinci again who you help to destroy war machines of him the enemy uses against you. So in total you get a lot more then in Ac2 and the story line hasn't the big gaps in time of ac 2.

The second part of ac has given the series it's popularity it has today. For the first time the series has a real story line with missions and concrete goals what you got to do. Different to the first ac the second one plays in the renaissance in Italy where Ezio moves from Fiorentina over the Toscana , Flori and Venetia to Rome fighting the templars, learning the arts and abilities to become the master assassin and leading his creed. The graphics developed a lot and the mission system become moreto look like an actually story line. There were plenty of new weapons and loads of new fighting tricks. So far it was the biggest development from one ac to the next. Ezio was introduced as the new player character in this part and with three direct sequels to this game, Ezio so far is the most liked assassin out of the three so far.

Assassin's creed 3 i got for my fiance as the join or die edition and what i have seen or played of it looked amazing. I started the game in 3D when i was over in England and it just looks amazing the 3D works really well with the game and it's a big reason to get into the 3D gaming. For ac3 the location and time changed to the revoltion of the United States of America and the main character becomes Connor Kenway, a half british and half native american boy, you learn to grow up and take his side in word. I  haven't played a lot of it so far and i haven't come to play Connor yet. So when i am back to England i will get back to do that so I played and finished all of the ac games. I really like what i have seen of it but the new things and the big changes about it, i missed so far. The fighting system hasn't changed really in my opinion just the button layout and the tricks what is a result of the time difference in my opinion.

Next would be Assassins creed 1. I like the game and it brought a great new franchise. The main character is Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad during the third crusade. You start by trying to stop the templars to get hold of a sacred artifact during that the templar manage to get that artifact and you break with the codex of your brotherhood. Back in the Hideout of the Brotherhood the leader of the assassins sets your rank of assassin back to one and you have to visit towns and companions to complete missions and achieve goals to gain back these ranks and after achieving a few of the given targets you get a person to assassinate and to return after the assassination when you are undetected. The nice thing about the mission system is that you always can choose by yourself how to unlock the assassination mission that is the one that actually really provides the story line in the game. The bad thing is that you can get in a bad habit of doing the same things over and over to proceed fast with the story. As mentioned before that system was changed with the second part of the series. I enjoyed playing Ac a lot when it cam out and the time and main character are my favourite but because of the repetitive missions and the lack of story line i would prefer the other ac's nowadays.

Last on my list is Assassin's creed Revelations. In this part you return as Ezio to the holy land, with the mission to achieve the secrets of the Creed and the leader of assassins Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad. Early in the game you get the hook blade that makes it easier to maneuver through town and handle big gaps, another new thing was the possibility to craft bombs for different reasons, like attacking purposes, to lure guards away , smoke bombs, and bombs with claptrap's to get rid of pursuers. A new tower defense game made it a bit more challenging to keep control of the city. Next to that there was the change of location form Italia to the holy states. The online multi-player and the economy system stayed and like brotherhood it was basically a updated ac2 with a new story line and a few more features. I had a lot of fun playing through it and meeting Ezio's last love but the aged Ezio and the lack of new stuff made it the last title on my list.

In total this is my ranking and liking and disliking's of the released ac games. I tried not to go into story analytically, i might do that another time when i have finished ac3 and ubisoft makes it obvious where they will be heading with ac. I would like to know what you think about ac and what your favourite part is.
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