Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Top 6 games of 2012

These 5 games are my chosen ones which i liked best last year, 5 and 6 both share 5th place because i liked them just as much as each other. Hope you enjoy reading what i thought of each one, comment to tell me what you thought of them.

#1: Dark Souls : prepare to die edition

Dark Souls actually released in 2012 but i love this game and the DLC plus the PC release was this year and because there was no significant other game that is as addictive as this i have to make it my number one . I love the atmosphere in it , it is cold , dark , dirty .  don't feel comfortable in the world at all additional to that the high difficulty and countless traps that cause detach after death is the thing that makes this game unique , you gotta adapt your abilities and find armor and weapons you enjoy using while nothing is overpowered and everything is always fair and balanced . On top of that you got an amazing online system with amazing battles player vs player or with friends against giant gods and demons . The multi-player is included in the game and plot in a nice and again unique was so the Souls series in general have been the outstanding game series since demon's souls started .

#2: Guardians of Middle-Earth
Moba's (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)  are for a long time the dominant gaming genre on PC, Games like LOL, HON and DOTA got loads of views on, huge tournaments and a large player base, but on console there were just a few and not really successful games of that type. With Guardians of Middle-earth is a new Moba on console and the controls on it are working extremely fine on the controller. The huge license of Lord of the Rings may give the game what it needs to build a Community for mobas on console. I am a big fan of Lord of the Rings and i like the teamwork and team oriented play in mobas so for me it was a highlight of 2012.

#3: Borderlands 2
I played Borderlands 1 for hours , i had a high level character with all of the starting classes and searched for Easter eggs and everything, so of course i was excited about Borderlands 2 and ordered it for me and Elle as the collectors edition and i wasn't disappointed at all. The game is fun you got lot's to loot to buy to get and to level up. The starting Characters are well balanced and the game can be challenging if you want it to.  Same as in Borderlands 1 it also gets harder and more fun the more players yo actually play it with so we ended up playing it with a team of three people ( me, Elle and her sister ). We haven't finished it yet and we didn't do the trasher-hunter mode (well not that i know of. but i expect it to be a New Game Plus) so i am looking forward to that and we will do that for sure when we are in the mood.

#4: Journey
This game is from "That game company" that was responsible for flower and flow before , I am a fan of flower and finished it the night i got it, flow is a nice game but i don't enjoy it that much . Journey now is a bit different to these game , you don't have to play it with the sixaxes anymore but you are still controlling the camera with it. You start that game with a character, unknown race, age or any story or information about him. You can make a noise and jump.The layout around you is a desert and you get given to start you journey to a far away mountain peek following a white guy who looks like you but he just fly's over. In the actual game you go through levels meeting people only being able to interact with waiting for each other , the voice to fill up your scarf and lead them the way. At the End of the title screen you get a list of the player names you met within your journey. The game is really catchy and enjoyable and for me the most emotional Journey in a game in 2012.

#5: Assassin's Creed 3
So the first number 5 i got is Assassin's Creed 3 and a lot was promised and hyped for this game. Too much to live up to in the first place. Still Assassin's Creed is fun as always, if yo get an ac game you want to free run through the city, build a society in it and just enjoy that century and for me Ac 3 has that and does that. I haven't played it for long yet but what i did play, showed me that it is exactly what i want and expect from an AC game, it's not the best game in the world for sure but its fine for me. I would have wished for a smaller leap in time and another location then america. But i'm excited to see what ubisoft has done with it and where the story goes. Besides i played it at Elle's house and the 3D on it looks stunning !

#6: Darksiders 2
As my second number 5 and surprisingly that was one of the games i was looking forward the most in 2012 and again i was satisfied with the product that delivered. The mix of this game is nearly perfect, i like the setting , angels , demons , Armageddon on earth , its unusual and i love it . They added wall climbing abilities to show that Death has a much swifter movement to War and it is really fun, the RPG elements are highly improved and you get loads of different weapons and armors that are all looking different. As i was used form Darksiders, the Boss battles always have a slight trick to it so you can't just run up to them and mash the attack button. The action part is mixed with a few riddles that sometimes can be complicated and a few jump and wall run sections. Like in the old Castlevania and metroid games you unlock items to get to new places and there are side missions and lots of collectibles , i really enjoy playing darksiders and i hope even though that goes down atm that the series is continued and keeps the quality at the level it is atm.

Thanks for reading guys!

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